Ark survival evolved. Loot crates

Apart from the everywhere to be found lootbeams, all of the ark maps have got special lootboxes scattered over the map. These lootboxes are very attractive for players because they can contain very valuable loot.
However these lootcrates are an amazing source of high tier blueprints, saddles, armor or weaponry, obtaining them might be quite a hassle. The developers of Ark came up with the most annoying spawn places for these crates. All the way down in the ocean, surrounded by alpha mosa’s and tusoteuthis. Ark lootboxes are also to be found deep in the desert. these desert drops aren’t only surrounded by death worms, they are also so deep in the desert that you might want to bring multiple canteens to get there alive. Next to these desert drops and deep sea loot, there are also cave drops with high tier items. These cave drops are to be found in the newer caves on the island and about all the caves on the other maps. These lootcrates (deep sea drops, desert drops and cave loot) all have their own loottable. This loottable is a predifined list of items that can occur in one of these drops.

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